As a common metabolic heal problem, diabetes mellitus has become not only on the rapid increase on daily basis but also a deadly disease all over the world. Hyperglycemia, a feature of diabetes, increases its highest risk and associated complications such as: poor vision, nerve damage, heart attack, stroke, limb amputation, kidney disease and many other deadly diseases as well. Due to the nagging diabetic problems bedeviling the northern societies in Nigeria and African communities at large, Diabetic Herbal Medical Center was established on March, 1997, with its first name as traditional natural herbal center in Zamfara State Northwest at Gusau local government to just eradicate diabetic cases of all kinds. This center offers services to thousands of people and cure many diabetic patients while in the aforementioned state; thus, from 1997-2001. The center, also rendered its services in Niger state from 2001-2009 and Bauchi state 2009-2012 Now Diabetic Herbal Medical Center is in attendance to diabetic patients in Kano state at No. C21 Safiya House beside Jifatu Store Opposite Aliyu Bn Abi Thalib mosque - Zaria Road, Kano.



Really, statistics shows that 4% out of every 10% patients have diabetic cases and only 1% of the 4% have the knowledge about diabetic and the rest 3% are not even aware that they have diabetes. Hence our mission is to provide Diabetic patients with medical pieces advice, preventive measures, cure and treatments against diabetic cases.


Our vision is to return our societies into micro if not zero diabetic disease environment.



• Our center is registered with certified bodies and health maintenance agencies. • Diabetic patients recover 100% on daily basis at the center. • We receive and treat diabetic patients as referral from the Medical Doctors.


• Lack of regular consultations by the diabetic